Ordering Supplies

Ordering supplies – We belong to many buying groups, CIESC, HPS, US Communities, AEPA, Wilson Center, TCPN, etc.  Vendor members are noted with *.  Some of these vendors contain links to catalogs and others are just a listing for your information. Always check the Warehouse first.

Download Warehouse Catalog Here

Download Print Shop Business Card Order Form Here

OFFICE/SCHOOL SUPPLIES – Catalogs, need log-in and password


Midwest Presort – Use website contact form for quotes or call (317) 547-9937


e-mail Jane Howard:  jane.howard@bright-ideas.org


  • SAX Arts & Crafts – See School Specialty Family under SCHOOL EQUIPMENT/SUPPLIES
  • DICK BLICK – ENTER ACCT. #587601 for correct prices and free shipping >200.00. Save your list as a “Public List”.  Contract Sales:  800-704-7744
  • United Art & Education – 800-322-3247
    > $200.00 = Free shipping
    $500-$999 = %10 Discount
    $1000-$1999 = %12 Discount
    $2000-$4999 = %15 Discount
    >$4999 = %20 Discount
    Add items to cart, print cart and attach to your requisition.  Do not submit order on-line.


  • Accucut
  • B&H Photo-Video- Pro Audio   800-947-8003
    E-mail for quote:   emailbids@bhphoto.com
  • Century Business Products– Poster Maker – Melissa Gammon or Samantha Snyder  (845-1111)
    • Specials
    • Order Forms
    • Cleaning Instructions
  • Demco & Highsmith: The New DEMCO- Acct #130079360
    • Call 800-462-8709 for the bid department
    • Fax quote to: 888-329-4728
    • Minimum order $25.00
    • Free shipping > $50.00 (Except “Drop Ship”)
    • 18% off supplies
    • 10% off all else
    • INCOLSA# C86057
  • GBC Laminators
    • Inside rep:  Bohdan Bilas Call for Special “Bundle” pricing
    • Direct phone: 847-796-4901
    • Fax:  877-549-7881
  • GBC Laminator repair call Terry Halderman @317-395-9749
  • Highsmith – SEE DEMCO
  • GHA TECHNOLOGIES INC  –  Technology and AV related products
    Ryan Stuckenschneider, Sales Rep. P-312-376-8336 F-312-896-5816
    E-mail for quotes and availability:  rstuckenschneider@gha-associates.com
  • SHOEMAKER-ELMO “Platinum Dealer”-  Jim Bradley, 547-8000.    For quote, click on link , scroll down to “Quotation”, click and click again at top on “Quote”.  You can either enter what you need or copy & paste out of their catalog.  You can also e-mail Jim directly: jim@shoemakerav.comfor all of your building AV needs.
    Music Hardware & Software, AV equipment/supplies
    VERN CREWS – vern_crews@sweetwater.com
    Phone – 800-822-1752 x1950
  • TROXELL -Call Rita Cook 205-9858 for quote, or e-mail: rita.cook@trox.com for AV equipment sales, service, installation, Prof. Dev.


  • Barnes & Noble – Sarah Billings, Sales rep.
    E-mail for quote: crm2372@bn.com  Have the books ordered into the store.  Give quote to your principal for approval.  PO will be issued and called in to Sarah for delivery.
  • Follet– New and Used Textbooks. No log in or password needed for look up. Enter ISBN # in the “Search” field to get price and availability. If title shows unavailable, call Heather Hayes, 800-621-4272 x4156 for help or bid pricing. As with other sites, add all of your titles to the cart and click your print button to get an attachment for your requisition.  Note on the requisition “FREE SHIPPING”.
  • Lake-Cook Distributors – Classroom sets of paper backs
    30% Discount and Free Shipping >9 books
    Ph: 800-677-6047  Fax:  847-526-5810
  • Pearson – “Oasis” is the on-line ordering site where you can create a list of books that you want to order.   Enter the ISBN #’s, click BUY, and then “HOLD ORDER”.  This will create a “CART”.  Print the cart and enter the Cart # in your Req.   Do not go thru Checkout.   Attach the cart print out to your requisition.  When I process the order, I will decide on the means of shipping and submit the order.


  • Office Depot –
  • KI Furniture
  •  Office Mart – Ben Brown – Ph 317.686.5754 x209
    e-mail:  b.brown@nowofficemart.com
  •  Sharp School Services – Bob King – Cell:  317-407-5297   or  e-mail: bking@sharpschoolservices.com
  • School Specialty * – Mark Lusch 317-512-1136 (cell) – mark.lusch@schoolspecialty.com Furniture and educational supplies, call or e-mail for quote, see catalog under School Equipment/Supplies
  • Save It Now * (formerly Sanders) Gary Hessell – 489-9101,
    all HON products, call for quote
  • Virco – See Lee Company below
    Lee Company – Darris Swanson- dswanson@leecompanyinc.com Cell – 317-908-0031 – K-12 Virco, Columbia, Royal, KI, Brodart, call for quote
  • J.W. & Assoc. (Sico Brand) – Jim Walker, 815-4618
  • Educational Furniture – Michelle Henne 954-552-9739 Cell


    Phone:  800-345-6296
    Fax:  800-260-1482


  • Ablenet
    Use catalog prices, shipping = 5% >$500.00
  • Accucut
  • Century Business Products -Call 845-1111 Before ordering for special Promo pricing
  • Constructive Playthings Fax list to: Michael Klein, 816-761-9295 for quote
    • 15% shipping
    • Free shipping > $600.00
  • DISCOUNT SCHOOL SUPPLY – Free Shipping > $79.00, shipping on truck items = 15%, Fax for quote >$1000.00 to 800-879-3753 indicate “For quote Only”
  • ETA hand2mind– contract expires on 12/31/11
    • Ref: “WASHINGTON CD 11” on your order to receive discount and free shipping >100.00
      Quotes: contact Carolyn Vanco 800-445-5985 x5177
      fax: 888-333-9588 or cvanco@etacuisenaire.com
      Product Info.: contact Elaine Pardieck – 800-445-5985 x3214 or
      cell:  812-498-2277 elaine@elainepardieck.com
  • Hammond & Stephens – Class record books See under SCHOOL SPECIALTY
  • Kaplan
    15% Discount on orders over $300.00 and free shipping
    Disc. Agr #9015-P        Our Acct # is 27700.
    Rep. David McGee, Indiana Rep. 317-709-0290 (cell) 317-784-3084 (fax)
  • Lakeshore Learning – RETAIL STORE NOW LOCATED IN NORA SHOPPING PLAZA ON 86TH STREET – Contact Lora Prange for shopping options.  No Discount, use catalog price, Shipping = %15, Free shipping if  over $1000.00 or shipped to the store.
    Contact Lora Prange x77216 or lprange@msdwt.k12.in.us   for log in and password or Mark Lusch mark.lusch@schoolspecialty.comfor Quote.  Ph:  317-512-1136

    • ABC School Supply
    • Abilitations
    • Childcraft Education
    • Classroom Direct
    • Frey Science
    • Hammond Stevens – Class Record Books
    • Integrations by Sportime
    • Sax Arts & Crafts
    • Sportime
  • Scantron Equipment Repair – Call Harlan Technology (800) 824-2023
  • U.S. Toy– Also see Constructive Playthings – Novelties, party & seasonal decorations
    • Free shipping > $60.00


  • VWR EDUCATION FAMILY * (HPS) Call Becky Kriewall, inside sales rep.  Call 800-242-2042 x308046, or 585-486-8046 for quote or E-mail list to: rebecca.kriewall@vwr.com She will reply with a quote to be attached to your school’s requisition.
  • ARBOR SCIENTIFIC  Catalog prices are already discounted
    Shipping = 5% Min. $5.00  Questions? call: 800-367-6695
  • CAROLINA BIOLOGICAL   Set up your log in and password. Our Acct # is 115166.  Add items to your “List” and e-mail to: lprange@msdwt.k12.in.us.  Print your “List” and give to your treasurer for a requisition.  For larger orders you may
    E-mail a list of items for a quote to:  quotations@carolina.com
    Free Freight on orders >200.00 after disc.  Shipping will apply to Live, Preserved or Hazardous materials.  No additional promo’s apply.
    See discount prices by logging in:
    Login=(your school login), Password=science, Shipping= free
    >$100.00.  When ordering a large quantity or high dollar, fax a list to 800-955-0740, Attn:  Roger Wedig or e-mail: roger.wedig@thermofisher.com
  • Flinn Scientific
    Shipping = approx. 10%
    Price = ending in “1” = additional charges
    Fax list to: 866-452-1436, Attn: Quote Dept for quote
  •  FREY SCIENTIFIC – See School Specialty  Ph: 800-225-3739  Fax: 877-256-3739
    e-mail: customercare.frey@schoolspecialty.com
    • > $200.00 – Fax list to: Dave Johnson – 920-568-5779
      for price quote and/or free shipping


  • Sport Supply Group – US Communities Contract Bid #3062995
    BSN Sports
    – Middle/High School – Athletic Equip.-Team Sports-Uniforms Contact: Patrick Smith  psmith@sportsupplygroup.com or fax list to:  866-316-5277.  His phone # is: (800) 527-7510 x9083
    18% discount and Free Shipping.  Enter  ID #3062995 On-line to see correct prices
    US Games  – Elementary/Middle School – PE Equipment – Contact:  Gayle Leclercq, Territory Mgr. gleclercq@usgames.com or fax list to:  866-316-5277.  Phone: 800-527-0484 x7361 Direct: 972-884-7361
    22% discount and Free Shipping.  Enter ID #3062995 On-line to see correct prices
  • Gopher Sport
    • Gopher Sport – 10% discount, Free Shipping on non-truck items
      Phillip Hood, Interim Mgr. PH: 800-533-0446 x1339
    • e-mail: philliph@gophersport.com
    • Fax quotes to Phillip Hood:  507-446-2239
  • Play with a Purpose – Early Childhood
  • “Sportime” – Above under School Specialty Family
  • Toledo PE Supply– (800) 225–7749
    • Orders > $500.00, fax to Bid Dept. (800) 489-6256
    • Click here for instructions to order online


  • Apple– Click on “Education Store”, “Find your School” K-12, “Purchasing for your Institution” K-12, “Create a Quote”, add items to cart and click “Create quote”. That will give you the “Web Order #”.  Print this page for a requisition.  Fax PO to:  800-590-0063  For Apple help, call 800-800-2775.
  • CDW – Acct. #8082671  A purchase order is always required.
    3 Ways to order:
    1. Contact Seyed Khalili –  866-342-9079 for Quote, then attach to a requisition
    2. E-mail:  seyed.khalili@cdwg.com for Quote, then attach to a requisition
    3. On-line: First time user – add items to cart.  When finished choose
    “e-mail cart” and create account.  Use your e-mail address as log in and make up a password.  Seyed will contact you to set up a link to our account and he will e-mail your quote to you.  Attach your quote to a requisition.
  • GHA TECHNOLOGIES INC  –  Technology and AV related products
    Ryan Stuckenschneider, Sales Rep. P-312-376-8336 F-312-896-5816
    E-mail for quotes and availability:  rstuckenschneider@gha-associates.com
  • ICC – Hardware: Call 547-9621 for Quote
  • Tech Depot – Use your Office Depot log in & password. Click on “Tech Depot” under the red bar.
    bferrigno@techdepot.com is your inside sales rep.
    For quote call Barb: 888-707-7040 x7431.
  • If you have questions or comments about this page, please email Lora Prange at lprange@msdwt.k12.in.us