Why Washington Township

Thank you for your interest in Washington Township Schools. Our Washington Township School community is composed of neighborhoods that are diverse in cultures, religions, ethnic groups, races, and socioeconomic levels. In our Washington Township Schools, our mission is to develop lifelong learners and globally-minded citizens by fostering the academic, creative, and social skills needed to achieve excellence in a multicultural environment. We believe that our public schools are the foundation of our society, and in Washington Township, we are rooted in community. We proudly serve our students and families by providing a high-quality, consistent and safe learning environment.

Elementary Schools
Mr. Tim Blom, Director of Teaching and Learning, Grades K-5
E: tblom@msdwt.k12.in.us  P: 317-205-3332 Ext. 77230

Middle Schools
Dr. Crystal Thorpe, Director of Teaching & Learning Grades 6-8
E: cthorpe@msdwt.k12.in.us P: 317-205-3332 Ext. 77204

High School, Career Center 
Dr. Rachel Sever, Director of Teaching and Learning, Grades 9-12
E: rsever@msdwt.k12.in.us P: 317-205-3332 Ext. 77235

Dr. Wendy Skibinski, Director of Student Services
E: wskibinski@msdwt.k12.in.us P:  317-205-3332 Ext. 77230

The Metropolitan School District of Washington Township believes that equitable, affirming, and responsive schools operate with a fundamental belief that every student in every classroom can and will elevate their learning to the highest potential if:

  • there are high expectations for culturally responsive, student-centered instruction.
  • our students participate in a socially, physically, and intellectually safe learning community where their identities and voices are affirmed, valued, and represented.
  • a strong partnership between teachers and students is cultivated with a balance of support, feedback, and productive struggle to grow student independence and self-efficacy.
  • our educators model a growth mindset and commit to purposeful collaboration and professional learning.
  • our parents are afforded the opportunity to actively participate in activities designed to support the educational options available to their children.

Successful implementation of this vision will ultimately prepare students for further education, the workplace, public service, and a lifetime of learning. Students will:

  • be well-rounded with appropriate social-emotional skills.
  • be critical readers, writers, and speakers using these skills to develop rich arguments that allow them to engage in meaningful dialogue with people with different perspectives in a variety of settings.
  • understand their own strengths and challenges as learners using a growth mindset, participating in reflective practices like goal setting based on their academic, organizational, and social needs in order to improve their scholarship.
  • be problem solvers using inquiry to solve real-world problems in a collaborative and creative manner.
  • be able to explore multiple pathways to demonstrate understanding, as well as explore different careers and areas of interest through their studies.
  • think critically to better understand the need to stand up against social injustice.
  • value the importance of a strong public education and how it can lead to expanded opportunities later in life.
  • be globally-minded citizens who are positive contributors to society.
  • have their interest in learning cultivated each day.


Washington Township’s rich academic programming provides students with the opportunity to think critically and be challenged while benefiting from a variety of learning supports. We offer a wide variety of student-centered learning opportunities including:

  • Dual Language Immersion Program
  • High Ability Program
  • Dual Credit ACP courses and AP courses allowing high school students to earn college credits
  • State-approved career-technical industry certifications focused on high wage, high demand jobs and careers
  • Job placement options via internships and apprenticeships
  • 1:1 access to an individual technology device to enhance their learning experience
  • After school enrichment activities
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
  • Early childhood programs
  • Expanded STEM opportunities such as engineering, biomedical sciences, robotics, coding, and computer science
  • Wide-range of extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities

Find out more about Teaching and Learning here.

Washington Township Schools have elevated the priority of equity and inclusion work by implementing programs and supports aimed at meeting the needs of all learners to ensure equitable achievement, including:

  • Programs and services to meet all student needs including special education and English as a new language (ENL)
  • Staff to support learning needs of all students: Director of Equity & Inclusion, Social Emotional Learning Coaches, Social Workers, Multilingual Liaisons, Lead Counselor
  • Services to support social-emotional well being of students
  • Focus on equity and inclusion through targeted strategies and professional development outlined in School Improvement Plans and the District Strategic Plan
  • District Equity Leadership Team
  • Student Alliance for Equity (SAFE) Clubs (MS and HS)
  • Partnerships with Child Advocates and the Peace Learning Center for student and staff learning experiences
  • Equitable access to honors and advanced classes
  • Creation of additional career pathway opportunities
  • Adult Education Program
  • Alternative programs available at True North Academy and Opportunity/Transition School for middle and high school students

We are dedicated to achieving equitable outcomes, and while there is always room for improvement, we are proud of the successes our students are achieving.  We remain appreciative of the continued support from a variety of community partners. Find More Information Here

A student’s success is dependent on support from many sources. In Washington Township, students and families benefit from the strategic partnerships formed within our community. From the support of district-related organizations, including The Advancement Center, The Washington Township Parent Council Network, The Washington Township Community Coalition, and our Parent-Teacher Organizations, to partnerships with Cummins, Community Health Network, and IU Health who provide mental and physical health supports, to the many other local individuals and organizations who contribute time and resources to address identified needs, our students and families have increased access and opportunities.

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Thanks to the overwhelming support of our community through the passing of our 2016 and 2020 construction referenda, Washington Township Schools have embarked on facility updates to provide our students with technology-rich, state-of-the-art learning environments, designed to improve and enhance the teaching and learning experience. We continue to make progress on these building projects.

Additionally, community support of our 2016 and 2020 operating referenda have allowed us to increase our teacher workforce, ensure competitive wages, retain our high-performing staff, and recruit top talent to expand student opportunities.

Finally, the capital investments made to our Washington Township Schools facilities have resulted in the enhancement of our neighborhoods and have led to increases in the overall property value of the school community.

See the images below and learn more here.

Check back often to see continued updates on construction.

Allisonville Elementary

Progress at Allisonville

Crooked Creek Elementary

Progress at Crooked Creek

Early Learning Center


Eastwood Middle School

Progress at Eastwood

North Central High Shcool


Northview Middle School


Spring Mill Elementary

Progress at Spring Mill

Westlane Middle School

Progress at Westlane
New Brand for WT

Paul Scherrer, Realtor Scherrer Brothers / United Real Estate

Paul Scherrer

“Communities that invest time, energy and tax dollars into their public school system benefit from that investment in higher property values. Simply put, homebuyers are attracted to communities that prioritize children and education.”

Why Washington Township

Louis M. Profeta, MD & Washington Township Resident

Louis M. Profeta, MD

“Outside of a stable home, one of the most important steps to elevating people from poverty and improving the public health of a community starts with the building blocks of a good education. The investment in infrastructure of our public school system reaches far beyond the walls of each facility. It improves the welfare and the value for all of us who call Washington Township our home.”

Why Washington Township

Eric Gordon, Alumni

Eric Gordon, Alumni & NBA Player

“My first college basketball game, NBA draft night, NBA rookie game, USA Gold Basketball World Championship, NBA 3-point champion or the NBA 6th man award were all special moments in time, but the best time of my life was when I was a high school student-athlete at North Central.”

Why Washington Township

Shannon Fountain, Parent with daughters Aaris and Abeni

Shannon Fountain

“As most parents do, I place a high priority on quality education as well as positive individual and social growth for my children. From the dedicated teachers and administration, to the active, supportive community, we have been very pleased with our experience in Washington Township Schools. I am confident that my children will be prepared to compete in and contribute to the global economy.”

Why WT

Jordan Jeran, Teacher

Jordan Jeran, Willow Lake 4th Grade Teacher

“Teaching in my newly renovated classroom has elevated my teaching practice to a whole new level. The technology has made it easier than ever to hook my learners into what I am teaching with just a few touches of a button.”

Why Washington Township