Student Registration and Enrollment

Enrollment Process and Residency/Nonresidency Programs


Kindergarten enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year opens February 11, 2022. Students must be at least five years old by August 1, 2022 to start kindergarten in August 2022. If your child turns five years old after August 1, 2022 and on or before October 1, 2022, you may submit an appeal for your child to be considered for kindergarten enrollment. Please see your home-assigned elementary school principal for more information regarding assessment for early admission.  We are unable to accommodate students with a birthdate after October 1, 2022 for Early Kindergarten enrollment.

General Information and Directions for Students New to MSDWT

  • If you are unsure of your home-assigned MSDWT school, use our Online Interactive Map to enter your home address in the top left search box and it will return the elementary and middle school information.
  • Students must be at least five years old by August 1, 2022 to start kindergarten in August 2022.
  • Interpretation services are available during the school year through our Enrollment – Multilingual Voicemail Line.
  • The interactive (fillable) attendance/discipline forms below must be downloaded. You can then complete and save them offline before attaching and uploading to the application.  IMPORTANT:  This step cannot be be completed by using a Chromebook.  Adobe is not preloaded onto these devices.  Please use a laptop or phone that is compatible with Adobe for this step.
  • When completing the enrollment form, it is IMPERATIVE that we have a valid email (preferred contact method) so that we may contact you regarding your enrollment.

Families living within the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township boundaries may submit an application for their child(ren) to attend a school, other than their home-assigned school. Please check the District Enrollment Boundaries Interactive Map to confirm your student’s assigned/home school. 

If you are a MSDWT resident, the search will display results for the home-assigned elementary and middle schools.

MSDWT Attendance Boundaries Interactive Map


If you applied and were approved for In-District Limited Choice status for the 2021-22 school year, there is no need for you to reapply until your student(s) is/are promoted from elementary to middle school.

In-District Limited Choice (IDLC) Details

  • All families desiring IDLC  to any of the District elementary or middle schools must apply (first-time) or if applicable, reapply if student is entering middle school from the elementary level;
  • IDLC applications will be available August 16, 2021 and are due  October 15, 2021.
  • Staff members applying for IDLC  for their children to attend the school of their employment will receive priority;
  • If IDLC applications exceed the school’s capacity, approved requests will be determined by a random selection;
  • IDLC applications randomly selected are not automatically approved. Approval is subject to District Policy, Guidelines, and procedures;
  • Applications will be accepted only through the online format provided below; and
  • Parents must submit a separate IDLC application for each student.


Nonresident Enrollment


Nonresident families living outside of the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township boundaries may apply for Nonresident Status for the 2022-2023 school year by submitting a Nonresident Application and required documents. The deadline to submit Nonresident applications is December 15, 2021.


Additional Required Enrollment Documents

A document from each section will be required to complete enrollment. Please see below for details.

Section A

  • Current Mortgage Payment Book/Statement
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Statement
  • Current Property Tax Statement
  • Warranty Deed
  • Lease Agreement/Contract

Section B

  • Current Utility Bill
  • Current Paycheck Stub with Name and Address
  • Government Document
  • Current Bank Statement
  • Current Bill
  • Valid Indiana Driver’s license or State ID card with Current Address

NOTE: Shared residency families may be required to provide additional documentation.

Enrollment Option 1: Online Enrollment

  • Download and complete the enrollment forms.
  • Scan (or take pictures of) all completed forms and attach them (and any additional required enrollment documents noted above) in an email to the school’s administrative assistant (see contact list at bottom of page).
  • The subject line should be in the following format: student name – enrollment documents” (e.g. Michael Smith – Enrollment Documents).
  • Students must be at least five years old by August 1, 2022 to start kindergarten in August 2022.

Enrollment Option 2: In-Person, Social Distancing Enrollment

  • Download, complete, and print the enrollment forms.
  • Schedule an Appointment – Email or call enrollment assistant at enrolling school.
  • See the building contact information for each school’s enrollment assistant at the bottom of this page.
  • Follow procedures established in the front office vestibules at each school.
  • Students must be at least five years old by August 1, 2022 to start kindergarten in August 2022.
  • Appointments will be Mondays and Thursdays.

Building Contact List - Administrative Assistants

Allisonville ESStacey 845-944111201
Crooked Creek ESTamu 259-547812100
Clearwater ESKathy 259-546515101
Fox Hill ESAmelia 259-537113100
Greenbriar ESCarol 259-544514400
HilltopKathy 259-545843010
Nora ESCarol 844-543616100
Spring Mill ESTomesha 259-546217100
Willow Lake ESCathy 280-370118000
Eastwood MSSarah 259-540121131
Northview MSArinn 259-542122107
Westlane MSKelly 259-541223105
North Central HSNatalie 259-530145346