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July 15, 2020

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Student Enrollment

Students living within the boundaries of Metropolitan School District of Washington Township, may enroll at any time during the school year, and designated times during the summer months, by submitting the required documents to the school where the student will attend. Kindergarten enrollment requires students  be at least five years old by
August 1, 2021 to start Kindergarten in July 2021.

If your child will be five years old after August 1 and on or before September 1, you may submit an appeal for your child to be considered for Kindergarten enrollment. See your assigned elementary school principal for more information.


As a new enrollee we invite you to check our website often for information and updates regarding the upcoming school year (e.g., bus routes, immunizations, lunch schedules, and more).

We are extremely excited for all that Washington Township has to offer for our students, and we are happy to have you join our school community.

In-District Limited Choice

Families living within the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township boundaries may submit an application for their child(ren) to attend a school, other than their home/assigned school.  Please check the map location here to confirm your student’s assigned/home school: District Enrollment Boundaries Interactive Map.


If you applied and were approved for In-District Limited Choice status for the 2020-2021 school year, there is no need for you to reapply until your student(s) is/are promoted from elementary to middle school.

In-District Limited Choice (IDLC) Details

  • All families desiring IDLC  to any of the District elementary or middle schools must apply (first-time) or if applicable, reapply if student is entering middle school from elementary;
  • In-District Limited Choice applications will be available August 17, 2020 and are due  October 15, 2020.
  • Staff members applying for In-District Limited Choice  for their children to attend the school of their employment will receive priority;
  • If In-District Limited Choice applications exceed the school’s capacity, approved requests will be determined by a random selection;
  • In-District Limited Choice applications randomly selected are not automatically approved. Approval is subject to District Policy, Guidelines, and procedures;
  • The application process will be an online submission process;
  • Applications will be accepted only through the online format provided below; and
  • Parents must submit a separate application for each student requested for In-District Limited Choice.

In-District Limited Choice (LC) Applications 


MSDWT In-District Limited Choice Application

Nonresident Enrollment – NEW ONLINE PROCEDURE

Nonresident families living outside of the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township boundaries may apply for Nonresident Status for the 2021-2022 school year by submitting a Nonresident application and relevant documents. The deadline to submit Nonresident applications is December 15, 2020.

In order to prepare for the upcoming school year, 2020-2021 Nonresident applications are no longer being reviewed.


Please contact Susan Roseman ( for the application forms to apply for nonresident status to continue the 2020-2021 school year.

Kindergarten Enrollment –  See revised registration link due to COVID-19 above.

Kindergarten enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year opens February 5, 2021 at the elementary schools. Students must be at least five years old by August 1, 2021 to start kindergarten in July 2021.

If your child turns five years old after August 1, 2021 and on or before October 1, 2021 you may submit an appeal for your child to be considered for kindergarten enrollment.  See your assigned elementary school principal for more information.

Nonresident and In-District Limited Choice approved students must bring their confirmation approval letter or email to the approved school for enrollment.

Parents listed on the student’s birth certificate or the student’s legal guardian must bring the following documents to enroll:

  • Certified birth certificate – other hospital records will not be accepted
  • Updated immunization records
  • Two proofs of residency – acceptable documents include:
    • Lease or proof of home ownership (mortgage, property taxes, or home insurance) AND
    • Current utility bill

Parents/guardians are encouraged to have students enrolled by April 1, 2021. This helps all of the schools manage enrollment. Questions regarding kindergarten enrollment and programming should be directed to your student’s school.


Additional Information


Respecto a la Matrícula al Kindergarden

El periodo de matrícula para el Kindergarden, para el año escolar 2021-2022, comienza el 5 de febrero del 2021, en las escuelas primarias.  Los estudiantes deben de tener cinco (5) años cumplidos para el 1ero de agosto del 2021, para poder comenzar el kindergarden en julio del 2020.

Si su estudiante cumple cinco (5) años luego del 1ero de agosto del 2021 y/o antes del 1ero de octubre del 2021, usted puede someter una apelación para que su estudiante sea considerado(a) para la matrícula al kindergarden.  Visite al Director(a) de su escuela primaria asignada, para más información.

Para matricular a su estudiante, por favor visite la oficina principal de la escuela asignada a su residencia actual, entre las horas de 9 AM a 2:30 PM.  Para hacer cita fuera de esas horas, por favor llame a su escuela.

Estudiantes que no son residentes del distrito (Nonresident) y los que tengan opción limitada dentro del distrito (In-District Limited Choice), y han sido aprobados, deben de traer consigo la carta de aprobación/confirmación que recibieron por correo, o enviarla por correo electrónico a la escuela que va a asistir, para poder completar el proceso de matrícula.

Los padres nombrados en el certificado de nacimiento del estudiante, o los guardianes legales del estudiante, deben traer los siguientes documentos consigo, para poder matricular a su estudiante:

  • Certificado de nacimiento – no se aceptarán otros récords médicos de hospital
  • Récord de vacunas/inmunizaciones
  • 2 pruebas de su residencia actual – documentos aceptables incluyen:
    • Contrato de arrendamiento o prueba de que es dueño del hogar (hipoteca, impuestos de la propiedad, o seguro de la casa) Y
    • Factura reciente de alguna utilidad

Le pedimos a los padres/guardianes que completen el proceso de matrícula antes del 1ero de abril del 2020. Esto ayuda a que las escuelas puedan manejar mejor su matrícula.  Preguntas respecto a la matrícula para ell kindergarden, y en cuanto a programación, deberían de ser dirigidas a la escuela de su estudiante.

Additional Information

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