February 22, 2019

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Public Complaints and Concerns


To respect the interests of your child and that of the staff of the school, the following procedures are to be followed.


  1. If the concern is with the teacher or a classroom situation, the contact must be made directly with the teacher by calling the school’s office and leaving word for the teacher to call. The school’s administration will be able to arrange a conference with the teacher if the parent so desires.
  2. Please request and complete a Public Complaints and Concerns Form. This form is available at your school office.
  3. If, after contact is made, the parent is still concerned, he/she is expected to contact the principal for further clarification.
  4. If, after contacting the principal, the concern is still unresolved, an appeal can be made to the Director of Elementary Education, Director of Secondary Education or the Assistant Superintendent.
  5. If the issue remains unresolved, forms for filing a formal complaint are available from each school office (Policy 9130).



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