June 12, 2021

Google Visits Westlane

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (September 22, 2015) – Today Google representatives visited Westlane Middle School in an effort to teach the importance of internet safety. In a world where the percentages of teenagers using electronic devices and social media are on the rise, Google sets out to educate students across the country on how to utilize and access electronic media, in the safest way possible. Indianapolis is just one of many stops that have been taking place over the past year.

The Online Safety Roadshow is a 45-minute digital citizenship assembly for teens that strives to be like a Drivers Ed for the web. The presentation covers five key tips to staying safe and successful on the web.
• Think before you share
• Protect your stuff
• Know and use your settings
• Avoid scams
• Be positive
This opportunity with Google was arranged by U.S. Congresswoman, Susan Brooks. Westlane is the only school in Indiana to be a part of the nationwide roadshow

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