Board Recognitions November 2015

At the November 11, 2015 Regular Meeting of the Board of Education the following individuals and groups will be recognized for helping to make Washington Township a Superior School District. 

North Central High School Boys Tennis Team

The following athletes were on the IHSAA Tennis Tournament Entry list:

Steven Christie – 12      (#1 Singles)

Jonathan Wynne – 12   (#2 Singles)

Timothy Brady – 10      (#3 Singles)

Jonathan Kroot – 12     (#1 Doubles)

Jon Tuerk – 10             (#1 Doubles)

Brian McAuley – 9        (#2 Doubles)

Griffin Beck – 10          (#2 Doubles)

Ash Mahenthiran – 12   (Alternates)

Ben Hirsch – 12

Nathan Branaman – 9

Turner Lesnick – 12

Eddie Prein – 10

Simon Shamo – 12

Cole Bosler – 11

Coaches: Dan Brunette, Kyle Burns and Jamie Clark

Boys Tennis team was also Marion County Champions; finished 2nd in the MIC and finished 3rd in the John Shirley invite.  The last five years the team was two time runner up and the last three years state Champions.  Their overall record in the last three years is 69-2 and for the last five years 107-7; career for the boys is 149-21.  They hold six Marion County championships.


The Washington Township Lions Club

The Washington Township Lions Club, that traditionally keeps busy selling Christmas Trees on 86th Street and corn at the Indiana State Fair, has changed up their routine over the course of the last week as they have delivered dictionaries to each and every third grader in Washington Township Schools.  A rich commitment to building relationships and supporting their community, the local club made it a priority to personally visit each and every elementary school and place a dictionary in the hands of each student.

 The initial idea came about as the club was searching for a hands on project.  This national project was identified as the perfect opportunity to support the Washington Township community.  In 2014 Nora Elementary was chosen as the pilot school and received 144 dictionaries for their third graders.  After the success of the pilot they made it a priority to secure the necessary funds to reach out to all seven elementary schools.  Their hopes and dreams came true as they successfully delivered 901 dictionaries to our current third graders.  Additional dictionaries were provided to each school for new students as well as to have additional resources to use in the classroom and school community. 

For more information about the project go to

**It is important to note that they have also provided funding for students needing vision assistance.  A monetary donation of $2,000.00 helped to fill the gap in MEDICAID funding that our families often experience when attempting to repair or replace broke eyeglasses,

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