November 19, 2017

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Skyward Canvas Outlook
Planning for our Future
Planning for our Future

Planning for our Future

A home is the largest lifetime investment for most people. When we moved to Indianapolis, we first considered where we would find a strong public school system. Based on our research we chose to live in Washington Township. Now, we invest in the upkeep of our home in order to maintain it and to increase the value of it over time. We expect our school district to consider and make the same kinds of investment decisions regarding school buildings and educational programming, and they do. We believe that the value of our home is directly related to the quality of education provided by our school district.  Strong Washington Township schools will support continued demand for housing in Washington Township.

Our decisions to live in Washing Township and to educate our children in Washington Township schools were thoughtful decisions that we do not regret making. Even though our children have graduated and moved on, Washington Township is still our school district. Investment decisions made by the School Board and the administration will, in part, over time determine whether our home investment decision was wise. Whether you live in a home or an apartment or condominium, quality schools make a difference for all of our communities. We support prudent investment in our schools for the sake of continued positive value in our home.

-Kevin Buchheit, Washington Township Resident and School Supporter


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