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September 23, 2020

Curriculum Update
Curriculum Update

Curriculum Update

Choose, Act, Reflect – IB in Washington Township

Real World Student Learning

The MSDWT continues to engage our students in real world, project-based learning opportunities.  As International Baccalaureate World Schools, all fifth grade and tenth grade students are required to prepare and present projects on a variety of self-selected topics.

Each fifth grade student works with a team of fellow classmates to investigate, take action on, and present potential solutions to a variety of national and international topics.  Fifth graders are engaging in topics such as mental health disorders, gender equality, pollution, world hunger, genetic cloning, and many other important global topics.  Their research and interest will spark their future learning and create a real world relevance to their school subjects.

Our tenth grade students engage in a project and presentation on a topic of their choice.  Students learn to play musical instruments, provide community service, develop potential solutions to school, community, state, or national issues, compose music, create art, build shelters, build handmade furniture, develop computer code, and many other projects.  Our students, their faculty advisors, and community mentors connect to provide students with relevance to their education.  This year, over 450 students completed the projects.  

Choose. Act. Reflect.

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