February 20, 2020

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Congratulations to our Teacher of The Year!
Congratulations to our Teacher of The Year!

Congratulations to our Teacher of The Year!


Ms Jones has been named a Top 30 Finalist for the 2020 Indiana Teacher of the Year!

We wish her the best of luck as she continues to represent MSDWT in this exciting process. Soon the field will be narrowed to 10. We hope that over the course of the next few weeks the selection committee will realize what her second grade students already know, that she is an incredible teacher worthy of the highest honor the state can give!

Congratulations Ms. Jones!


Congratulations to Nechelle Jones – Allisonville Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher for being named the 2018-19 Washington Township Teacher of the Year!

Ms. Jones goes above and beyond building relationships with students and families.  She is a resilient leader who embraces all children when they walk in the door.  She has played an instrumental role in implementing small group instruction, stations, and the workshop model. 

A parent stated, “…I am writing today to let you know what an outstanding educator my second grade student has, Mrs. Jones.  Mrs. Jones is such a positive, organized, motivated teacher. The passion she has for her career is evident in the way her classroom runs and how the students interact with one another and her…She also listens to her parents. If there is a problem or concern, she listens, but then goes the extra mile and works with parents to create a plan to help fix the issue at hand. Her promptness in taking care of parental concerns is comforting as a parent. It makes me feel like not only my child is valued but is family as wellI just wanted to write and let you know what an awesome teacher you have in Mrs. Jones. She is the perfect example of what an educator should be, can be and will be given the opportunity…”


During Ms. Jones’ tenure at Allisonville Elementary School, her classroom management has been nothing but stellar.  Students are engaged every time they walk into her room and are extremely excited about the learning opportunities presented to them.  Another parent stated, “…In Ms. Jones’ class, my children did not just step into another school class.  Instead, they stepped into a second family environment – one in which they learned reading, writing, and math sure, but more significantly, they learned about community, respect, and celebrating differences while recognizing similarities.  They were embraced in a learning environment in which they were celebrated and they each learned how to celebrate others… She has imparted lasting, lifelong lessons that my boys and their class mates will take into a global community as they progress beyond their K-12 years…”

Ms. Jones has participated in many professional development opportunities and has demonstrated excellent communication skills by relaying information back to the school level as a building level leader.  She is a strong team player and a true frontrunner in the district.  She serves on many committees as many teachers value her expertise in instructional strategies, classroom management, and the relationships she builds with the community.  Ms. Jones’ perseverance, self-respect and compassion bestowed upon her students, colleagues and the community is demonstrated daily. 

Best of luck to Ms.  Jones as she goes on to compete at the state level!

Nechelle Jones, MSDWT Teacher of the Year

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