Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DELT Presents Learning in Community Webinar Series

Thursday, March 10th from 5-6:30pm – Understanding Microaggressions

This workshop provided by the Peace Learning Center will define the term “microaggressions” and lead participants through a discussion that unpacks the term, its history, and its present impact. Participants will also be informed on ways to disrupt microaggressions in their lives.

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Monday, March 21st from 6-7pm – Understanding the Impact of Social Media on Students and Schools

This webinar will focus on the impact of social media as related to the educational experiences of students. Most people use social media for varied purposes. Although social media can be beneficial and a way to maintain connections, it can also be associated with potential dangers and harm school experiences, causing emotional distress, depression, or even inciting aggressive behavioral responses. This session will include a panel discussion of administrators and WT staff who will talk about the cautions of social media and their observations of the role it plays in peer interactions and student outcomes.

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Thursday, April 14th from 5-6pm – Connecting Our Kids Through the Head and the Heart

 Join the WT Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Coaches and Lead School Counselor as we dive into what SEL looks like in our classrooms and what additional personnel and supports are in place to support the social emotional and mental health of all students.

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Tuesday, April 26th from 6:30-7:30pm – Understanding Dyslexia

Join us as we discuss characteristics of dyslexia, testing procedures, interventions and what families can do to support their child(ren) at home.

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