Community Message

May 24, 2022

Dear Washington Township (WT) Schools Families,

Our hearts are heavy tonight as we watch the school tragedy in Texas unfold on the heels of the community tragedy in New York last week. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the families impacted and the entire communities. 

As we enter our last day of school tomorrow on Wednesday, May 25th, we will remain diligent and continue to implement our daily safety plans. Please know the physical and emotional safety of our staff and students is our number one priority. Community and school safety is our collective responsibility however.  Remember, if you see or hear something suspicious or potentially threatening, you can report it anonymously to Washington Township Schools using this link.   

We know that students may experience anxiety or have questions about the tragedy. It is hard to process the senseless acts that take human lives; yet it is important for children to have a space to acknowledge their feelings of grief, fear and anger. As parents/guardians, there are times when we also struggle to find the words and approaches to address the heaviness of the world around us, but we do feel a safe place to start may be best with you at home for our students.

If your child needs emotional support during the instructional day tomorrow (Wednesday), social workers and school counselors are available to respond to your student’s needs. As we each work to process these events in our own way, school can be a place of healing and support where we all can come together as a community. We know how much our students rely on and care about the adults in our schools and we know how much our staff care for our students. Tomorrow will be a day where we can rely on each other for caring and support.

Even with safety as a priority and supports in place, we understand that some parents may not feel comfortable sending their students to school for the last day, and we certainly respect that decision. Please follow the normal absence reporting procedure if this is the case for your family.

School safety for our staff, students and visitors will remain our top priority. Your support in talking with your students will be greatly appreciated.  

Our Hearts are Heavy,

Washington Township Schools District Leadership 

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