October 27, 2021

At the October 27, 2021 Regular Meeting of the Board of Education the following individuals were recognized for helping to make Washington Township a Superior School District.

Class of 1970 and 1971 Washington Township Support of Schools

When the Class of 1970 began to plan for their 50 year reunion, they knew they wanted to more than just have a party. With more representation in the North Central High School Alumni Hall of Fame than any other graduating class, they have seen much success. The class of 1970 recognizes that MSD Washington Township and North Central were critical to the success they have found. They were grateful for and proud of the state of the art physical facilities, fabulous teachers, and a strong support system in their classmates that they experienced in the 50’s and 60’s and felt their milestone reunion was a time to give back to the district that gave them so much. In working toward a meaningful class gift, they hoped to set a precedent for the classes that would follow. Even though they have had to postpone their actual reunion twice due to the pandemic, they have raised over $43,000 to support the addition of a barista area in the remodeled student center at North Central.

Alumni Support
NCHS Class of 1970

Class representatives are:

Dr. Julie Thompson Steck (NC Hall of Fame)

David Morgan

Joan Noonan Grinkmeyer

Susie Bohard Bremen

Anne Dunn Duncan


Class of 1971

Inspired by the class of 1970, the class of 1971 also made giving back a big part of their 50 year reunion goals. The class spent quite a bit of time learning about the North Central of today and how they could impact students in a way that encouraged their success beyond their K-12 experience. After much research they found themselves drawn to the Graduation Pathways and supporting a space that encouraged mentorship and collaboration in support of Work Based Learning as well as College Counseling. The result is an area in the renovated counseling office dedicated for student use that would foster those connections. The class hosted

Class of 1971
NCHS Class of 1971

their reunion on Saturday September 18th and raised over $27,000 in support of the effort!

Class representatives:

Dr. Kathy Richardson Eggleston

John Taylor

Marsha Miller

Paula Pritchard

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