Limited Choice/Out of District Restrictions


  • MSDWT students living within district boundaries will be assigned bus routes before Limited Choice or Out of District students.
  • Bus routes and bus stop locations will not be altered or added to accommodate Limited Choice or Out of District students.


It is up to parents/guardians to make sure the student is at the school of choice on time in the AM and picked up on time in the PM.


Students may be able to ride a district bus with the following provisions:

  • The route to the school of choice and nearest the parents/guardian home must be identified, then;
    • There must be space available on that bus;
    • The parent must take responsibility for getting the child to/from the bus stop on a daily basis and MUST BE AT THE STOP.
  • MSDWT may deny student transportation after considering various safety factors (e.g., distance traveled, streets to be crossed, age of child, etc.).

NOTE: There is a minimum two (2) week wait after the first day of school.

MSDWT will evaluate routes to determine if room exists on the appropriate route. The Transportation Department will keep a list of Limited Choice and Out of District students whose families have requested transportation and those requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.