School Bus Code of Conduct


While it is our firm belief that School Bus Transportation is the SAFEST way for a student to be transported to/from school, our Bus Safety Rules MUST be adhered to.

Even seemingly mild behavior can cause a distraction to a bus driver, and DISTRACTIONS are DANGEROUS!

Failure to adhere to the Bus Safety Rules could lead to suspension from the school bus or, if behavior is repeated or severe, could lead to the permanent loss of bus privileges.


Bus Safety Rules:

  1. Riding the school bus is a privilege and is a part of the school day. Accordingly, students should adhere to all rules and procedures outlined in the student handbook while being transported to and from school. Classroom conduct is expected.
  2. The driver is in charge at all times while on the bus. All driver directives should be followed promptly.
  3. Be at your bus stop ten minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time.
  4. Go to your assigned seat quickly. Stay seated at all times until it is your time to get off the bus and the bus has come to a complete stop. Being seated means facing forward with your feet on the floor. Students will be completely out of the aisle if two or fewer students are in the seat.
  5. Keep arms, legs, and objects to yourself and inside the bus.
  6. Talk quietly with no inappropriate language or gestures. Quietly means at a level where the driver cannot clearly hear the conversation and the students you are trying to talk to are no more than two seats away.
  7. Students are not to bring toys, collectible cards, laser pointers, balloons, or other distracting items to school or onto the bus.
  8. Students will not possess the following forbidden items while on the bus: weapons, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, aerosols, sprays, pumps, perfume, combustibles or other contraband.
  9. Food, gum, suckers, lozenges and drinks are to be kept in the student’s backpack while on the bus unless permission is granted from the Director of Transportation.
  10. Once a student has boarded their bus at the school, they will not be allowed to exit the bus without authorization from school personnel.
  11. The use of any type of camera, including cell phones, is prohibited on the bus. This includes regular routes and extracurricular trips. Any camera device used on the bus will be confiscated and disciplinary consequences will follow.
  12. Skateboards and rollerblades are not permitted on school buses or any other school property. Small and medium musical instruments will be kept in the seat with the student. They must fit under the seat, be held on the student’s lap or be held between the students legs. This will ensure the instrument is secure.
  13. Golf clubs, oversized equipment and large musical instruments are not to be transported on regular route buses because they can’t be properly secured.
  14. No items will be stored in the back window.
  15. The use of electronic devices, to include but not limited to iPod, iPad, Media Devices, and Electronic Books, are allowed on all other buses, but MSDWT is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of any of these devices. For the safety of all students, electronic devices are not to be used when entering or exiting the buses. If students are violating these rules, the driver has the right to restrict the usage of any electronic device on the bus.

Any student committing any of the following infractions will face a bus suspension ranging from 2 weeks to removal from the bus for the remainder of the school year: fighting, possession of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, weapons, abusive or sexually explicit language, any type of threat to the driver or other students, a serious safety hazard, or any other behavior considered totally inappropriate.