Bus Stop Guidelines

Pick-Up & Drop-Off

  • Each student will be allowed only one permanent pick-up address in AM and one permanent drop-off address in PM. All pick-up and drop-off locations must be within school boundaries.
  • For safety reasons, students are picked-up and dropped-off on the residence-side of the street wherever possible.
  • Students must use their own assigned bus stop.
  • Students may not get on or off the bus at an earlier or later bus stop. Students may not cross major roads.
  • If your student does not ride the bus for 10 consecutive days, they will be removed from the bus route. Parents will need to contact the Transportation Department directly to resume service.
  • Bus drivers will not permit students to ride buses to which they are not assigned.
    • In certain cases, parents/guardian can request in writing for their child to ride home on a bus other than their assigned bus.
    • The request must be approved in advance by the Principal/designee or the Director of Transportation.
    • Approval is contingent on seat availability.

Note: All requested permanent transportation changes, additions, and deletions must be submitted to the Transportation Department annually. Time is needed to process the many applications and changes that the Transportation Department receives. Requests submitted from parents/guardians at the beginning of the school year will not be processed until after the first two weeks of school are completed.  Parents are responsible for transporting students until the transportation request has been received and processed (requests take up to two days during the school year). If a request cannot be granted, you will be notified.

Joint Custody Students

  • Each student will be allowed only one permanent pick-up address in AM and one permanent drop-off address in PM. 
  • All pick-up and drop-offs must be within school boundaries.
  • The bus and bus stop will be at the student’s primary residence only. 
  • If the primary residence is in dispute, legal proof from the custodial parent/guardian will be required.

Special Needs Students

  • If a case conference committee has determined a student needs special transportation as a related service, the teacher of record will make those arrangements through the Special Services Department.

Change of Address

  • If you move during the school year, please inform the school that your student attends as well as the Transportation Department so our student records system and transportation routing systems can be updated.

Route Timing

Please note that the times listed on your child’s bus schedule are approximate times.

  • The Bus Driver may be a few minutes earlier or a few minutes later.
  • At the beginning of the school year, inconsistencies in route timings are often experienced. Fortunately, the weather during that time of the year is usually quite pleasant, and we appreciate your patience as drivers become familiar with their routes and riders. As the year progresses, the times should be more consistent.
  • We make every attempt to notify you if the bus will be more than 10 minutes late for non-weather related reasons.
  • Your student’s bus pick-up/drop-off time and location are available in VersaTrans (you will receive notification from the Transportation Department when this information is available). The Here Comes the Bus app is also available for you to track your student’s bus.