School Social Work

School Social Work

School Social Workers provide services that connect schools, children, families, and communities. They support the mental, physical, social, and emotional needs of all children and families.  There are fourteen (14) school, social workers, within Washington Township Schools. There is one (1) school social worker at each elementary school, one (1) school social worker at each middle school, and two (2) school social workers at the high school.  

Individual Student Support Small Group Counseling Connecting Home & School Connecting School & Community Referrals for Community Resources Crisis Intervention (Child Abuse & Neglect) Identifying & Removing Barriers



Helping Students & Families School Social Workers support the mental, physical, social and emotional needs of all children and families.
Helping Schools School Social Workers “bridge the gap” between home and school to promote equitable achievement for all children.
Helping Communities School Social Workers connect school and community partners to provide support and resources to children and families when needed.

MSDWT district liaison: Crystal Haslett, 317-845-9400 x77283

School School Social Worker Contact Information
Allisonville Elementary Savanna Williamson, LSW (317) 205-3332 x11120
Crooked Creek Elementary Cynthia Lambert, LCSW (317) 205-3332 x12111
Clearwater Elementary Brent Kelly-Hooks, LSW (317) 205-3332 x15189
Fox Hill Elementary Audrie Conner, LSW (317) 205-3332 x12111
Greenbriar Elementary Brooke Daunhauer, LCSW (317) 205-3332 x14418
Hilltop Learning Center Paul Davis, LCSW (317) 205-3332 x12111
Nora Elementary Laura Hakim, LCSW (317) 205-3332 x16168
Spring Mill Elementary Michelle Branch, MSW (317) 205-3332 x77213
Willow Lake Elementary Emily Yarger, LCSW (317) 205-3332 x18347





School School Social Worker Contact Information
Eastwood Middle School Alexa Jeran, LSW (317) 205-3332 x21132
Northview Middle School Taylor Raichel, LSW (317) 205-3332 x22821
Westlane Middle School Kristen Jones, MSW (317) 205-3332 x23111
School School Social Worker Contact Information
North Central / True North Ja’Nette Johnson, MSW (317) 205-3332 x45124
North Central / True North Julianne Shannon, LCSW (317) 205-3332 x45200

IDOE state coordinators’ contact information: 317-232-0957,
Flora Jones, Director of Student Pathways & Opportunities
Charie Gibson, Homeless Education Specialist

McKinney-Vento Liaison:
Crystal Haslett, 317-205-3332 x77283

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