In Appreciation

June 3, 2020

Washington Township Schools Community,

The voters in Washington Township showed tremendous support for the future success of our schools by voting in favor of two referenda that were on the ballot.  Whether voting early, by absentee ballot, or at the polls on election day, residents participated in the most vital act of democracy – voting.  

We know decisions that impact property taxes are not easy to make, especially in light of current national issues and health concerns. We thank the residents of our community for their support of the 11,000 current students as well as future students in our schools.  Protecting the future of our schools positively impacts the entire community for decades to come.

Appreciation is shared with the entire group of dedicated residents, parents, staff, and students who worked tirelessly to educate the community over the past year.   These efforts were a true testimony that our schools are supported and created by an amazing community!

Property tax dollars from the passing of the Operating Referendum will initially arrive in the school district in 2021 as the 2016 Operating Referendum terminates.  The tax revenue from the Construction Referendum will come to the school district in phases over the next four to six years as bonds are sold to finance the projects.  The following is what the community can look forward to for our schools starting next year:

2020 Operating Referendum Support Coming to WT Schools (2021-2028)

  • Renewed the 2016 operating referendum, so we will not have to conduct operating referendum related staff cuts
  • $1.5 million for teacher compensation increases
  • $1.5 million for classified staff compensation increases (instructional assistants, bus drivers, custodians, maintenance, transportation, child nutrition, office and support staff)
  • Targeted compensation adjustments to identified staff positions to make them competitive with surrounding schools
  • Additional staff hires to support student needs:
    • School Police Officers
    • Teachers to expand alternative school programming
    • Creation of new transitional kindergarten classrooms
    • Behavior Specialists
    • Staff for alternatives to suspension
    • Social emotional learning coaches
    • Additional bus drivers and transportation staff
    • Additional custodial and maintenance staff
    • Equity Specialist
    • Graduation Pathways Coordinator
    • Technology Teachers
    • School Counselors
    • Attendance Clerks
    • School Psychologists
    • And additional support staff and coaching positions

2020 Construction Referendum Support Coming to WT Schools (Funding additional major renovations to sustain our facilities for the next 20-30 years):

  • Restore scope to the 2016 construction projects that had to be removed due to rising cost of construction (all schools)
  • Additional student safety improvements and expansion of student learning spaces (all schools)
  • Construct a new preschool facility adjacent to central office (relocating Hilltop)
  • Expand educational programming to the existing Hilltop space
  • Additional building system replacements – HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Roof, Technology (all schools)
  • Improved access for individuals with disabilities, ADA (all schools)
  • Additional site improvements to improve traffic flow/safety and parking (all schools)
  • Additional furniture and casework replacements (all schools)
  • Athletic facility improvements and renovations (secondary schools)
  • Construct a new Northview Middle School at 91st & College
  • Repurpose space at existing Northview site for a new Operations Service Center including warehouse, technology hub, training facilities, WT police department, expanded high school alternative programs for students and maintain the staff wellness clinic
  • Separate transportation and consolidate bus storage to one location behind existing Northview


The community is encouraged to review the positive impact the referenda will have on each individual school at    Our website area for the referenda will be a key place to find many details regarding support coming to our schools from the referenda

Thank you again for your support and for protecting the future success of Washington Township Schools.  In closing, the School Board shares the following remarks with the community:

“The Board is appreciative of the community’s support of their schools and the education of our future citizens. These funds will  support our committed staff and provide physical spaces that continue to attract families to our community for exceptional educational experiences for decades to come.” WT School Board

Dr. Woodson, Proud Superintendent

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