April 24, 2019

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Commonly asked questions and information on the W-2 statement.

My total gross wages from my last pay stub in December is higher than what is shown in Box 1. Is the W-2 wrong?

Box 1 is your federal taxable wages, which is your gross wages MINUS your pre-tax deductions.

Why are there different amounts and codes in boxes 12a-d?

Boxes 12a-d break down certain pre-tax deductions and have corresponding codes:

  • C – Taxable fringe term life insurance > $50,000.
  • E – Pre-tax annuity total (403(b)).
  • BB – Roth post-tax annuity total (403(b)).
  • DD – Total cost of employer-sponsored health coverage, which is the sum of costs paid by employee + employer added together.
  • W – Health savings account, which is what you contributed to your health savings account for the calendar year. This is NOT for medical flex spending.

Why do I have SEC 125 and a dollar amount showing in Box 14? Do I report this?

Box 14 is for informational purposes only! This is the grand total of all your pre-tax deductions EXCEPT annuities.

I lost or never received the W-2 mailed to my home. Can you mail me another one?

W-2s were mailed out and a courtesy copy has been loaded onto each employee’s portal account under Documents — Federal Form W-2, which can be downloaded and printed out. The Payroll Department will not re-issue or mail replacement W-2s.

I don’t want to owe taxes on next year’s return. What exemptions should I claim or should I take additional amounts out?

The district/payroll department is not allowed to give out tax advice. You will need to talk with your tax preparer or accountant for this type of guidance.

I moved this past year and gave Human Resources my change of address and updated tax documents. Why is the W-2 showing my old county?

Per Indiana Code, the W-2 must show the county of residence on January 1st of the tax year being filed. The county that was showing in the HR/Payroll system on Jan 1 of last year is the county that will be listed on your W-2.

If your question wasn’t answered by this FAQ, please contact the Payroll Department at 317/845-9400.


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