August 23, 2017

8550 Woodfield Crossing Blvd. Indianapolis, IN 46240-2478
P: (317) 205-3332 | F: (317) 205-3385

Child Nutrition Services

“Our mission is to provide nutritious, high quality, cost effective meals that provide students with healthy choices for developing positive life-style decision making.”



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Contact Information

The documents listed below have been posted in accordance with local statutes and contain information about non-discrimination policies exercised by MSDWT Child Nutrition Services.


If you have any questions regarding these documents please contact Denise Louden at su.ni1503488334.21k.1503488334twdsm1503488334@nedu1503488334old1503488334 or by phone 317-845-9400.


Child Nutrition Supervisor
Annette Guenther
Office: 317-205-3332 ext. 77209


Assistant Supervisor Child Nutrition
Christine Stoner SNS
Office: 317-205-3332 ext. 77232


Child Nutrition Service Coordinator
Denise Louden
Office: 317-205-3332 ext. 77211


Child Nutrition Production Coordinator
Debbie Eggert
Office: 317-205-3332 ext.77276


Cafeteria Managers

Allisonville: Mary Robinson (317) 842-0783 Crooked Creek: Jessica Stumpf (317) 259-5444 Fox Hill: Sue Stumpf (317)259-5382 Greenbriar: Jackie Grist (317) 259-5493 John Strange: Regan Brown (317) 259-5482 Nora: Amy Ayers (317) 844-6656 Springmill: Maggie Johnson (317) 259-5483 Eastwood: Lisa Gough (317) 259-5411 Northview: Racquel Moralez (317) 259-5430 Westlane: Mary Jordan (317) 259-5410 North Central: Vera Kirch (317) 259-5325 | Angie Krause (317) 259-5390



MSDWT and the state of Indiana are equal opportunity providers and employers.