January Recongitions

At the January 11, 2023 Regular Meeting of the Board of Education the following individuals and organizations were recognized for helping to make Washington Township a Superior School District.


  1. Congratulations to Vicki Ayres, Visual Arts Department at NC for successfully maintaining her National Board Certification which is now valid through December 31, 2027. We are extremely proud of your accomplishments and appreciate all you do for our students, staff and community!

  1. Please join us as we celebrate with our Learning 2025 Network team as they join the review team in saluting progress of Washington Township School District toward becoming more Learner-Centered, Equity-Focused, and Future Driven. With us this evening is Dr. Buchanan-Rivera, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Dr. Alazar, Director of Student Services and Dr. Sever, ENL Program Coordinator as they may want to share some insight into this celebration.


Construction Recognitions:

  • Schmidt Associates

 Architect/Design Firm on Eastwood and Westlane Middle Schools

Highlighted at the meeting were Schmidt Associates, our design partners are Mrs. Anna Marie Burrell, Mrs. Lisa Gomperts and Mrs. Robin Leising. Anna Marie, Lisa and Robin teamed with the District from the initial discussions about the referendum planning and were instrumental in developing much of the framework of the scope definitions for both the 2016 and 2020 referendum. They were leaders of a larger team on the design and construction administration of both Eastwood and Westlane Middle Schools, among several other secondary school projects. We thank them and their team  for their efforts and contributions on both of the successful projects.


  • The Hagerman Group with CorGroup Construction

Construction Manager on Eastwood and Westlane Middle Schools for the 2016 Project 

Construction Manager on Westlane Middle School 2020 Project

Recognized from the Hagerman/CorGroup Team are several Team members that were the core of a large team that successfully delivered the Westlane project:

  • Terry Green was the Account Executive through the 2016 scope work and most of the 2020 work. Terry retired recently after a stellar career in the construction business in the central Indiana area.
  • Mammon Powers, President of Powers Construction Company, served as Account Executive the 2016 project
  • Brayden Sweeter has served as project manager on both the 2016 and 2020 scope projects
  • Antra Henson was the Project Accountant
  • Alonzo Vasquez was our Project Engineer on BOTH Westlane and Eastwood Middle School projects
  • Powers and Sons Construction Co. with CorGroup Construction 

Construction Manager on Eastwood and Westlane Middle Schools for the 2016 Project 

Construction Manager on Eastwood Middle School 2020 project

From the Eastwood project, we have with us tonight:

  • Mammon Powers, President of Powers Construction Company, as previously noted served as Account Executive on both the 2016 and 2020 projects
  • Les Carrol, Project Executive on the 2020 project
  • Matt Main was our Project Manager through most of the 2016 project and all of the 2020 project
  • As noted previously, we had Alonzo Vasquez as our Project Engineer on Eastwood as well.


We want to thank everyone for their professionalism and outstanding efforts in service to Washington Township on our Referendum projects and in support of our current students and future generations of students for many years to come.