June 14, 2021

Community Partnerships

By Suzanne Zybert, Assistant Director of Career-Technical Education Programs and District Partnerships

In an effort to provide additional male role models and recruit volunteers into the lives of our students, Washington Township elementary schools took part in a “call out” to all men, by Inviting fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles, friends, and neighbors to lunch. Crooked Creek, Greenbriar, and Nora Elementary School students shared this special lunch with these VIPs on September 15th. In collaboration with the National Million Father March/National Fathers Take Your Children to School Day, this was a great way to encourage our male role models to have a presence in our schools.

While these VIPs are welcome each and every day at all of our elementary, middle, and high schools, today was a “special day”. It was an opportunity to invite our male role models into our schools during lunch time, and it was a fun way for our school to contribute to this very important initiative across the country. Our guests also had the opportunity to join our existing Dad’s Clubs, PTOs, and other volunteer groups that positively impact our students.

“Inviting these very important men to lunch was a priority for Nora,” said Amber Walters, Principal at Nora Elementary School. “The role models are exactly what every child needs in their lives each and everyday.  At Nora we will continue to build up this experience each year, but we will also ensure that we are working to engage these role models in each child’s life everyday.”

If you, your organization, or anyone you know is interested in volunteering in our school community we encourage you to reach out to our coordinator of district partnerships at szybert@msdwt.k12.in.us .

Here are a few photo highlights from the event:

  • Male ROle Model To School5
  • Male Role Model to School4
  • Male Role Model To School3
  • Male Role Model to School2
  • Male Role Model to School


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