Chief Academic & DEI Officer Position Posting

Washington Township Schools Announces Executive Leadership Position Posting for a Chief Academic & DEI Officer 

Equitable achievement is expected of the constituencies that we serve and is the responsibility of all Washington Township Schools (WTS) leadership and staff. The continued progress toward eliminating disparities requires strategic guidance and intentional implementation on programs and processes. As such, we are pleased to announce the posting and launch of the hiring process for a new position reimagined for maximum support of our District’s goal of equitable achievement for over 10,000 students that we serve each day. The Chief Academic & DEI Officer will be an executive leadership position reporting directly to the Superintendent and leading the entire Teaching & Learning and Student Services Departments with a target start date in January 2024 after a comprehensive search and hiring process. 

WTS has had prior DEI consultants and a Director of DEI in recent years supporting this District wide work.  When the former Director of DEI resigned in June 2023, it allowed an opportunity for WTS to re-imagine the best support structure to build upon our  existing equity work moving forward. During the re-imagining timeframe, the School Board approved a temporary agreement for DEI consultation that ends in December 2023. The comprehensive hiring process for the Chief Academic & DEI Officer will commence in September and conclude toward the end of the semester.

School Board President Mrs. Deirdre George Davis shared, “We are proud to be one of few school districts in our area to have an executive leadership position specifically focused on both academics and DEI per the job title. The Washington Township Schools Board of Education is excited about the numerous areas of significant improvement toward equitable achievement while maintaining a commitment to the areas that still need improvement of the achievement gap.” 

As a district, Washington Township Schools remains dedicated to providing all students with opportunities and resources aimed at equitable outcomes. We are constantly working to determine how to meet the needs of ALL of our learners, understanding that we face the same challenges as our peers in urban education. We are proud that our district has continued to see growth on IREAD-3, ILEARN, SAT, and Graduation Rate. At the same time we recognize the racial achievement gap and have strategies in place to improve this area.  Equitable achievement action plans and comprehensive data outline details of the work we are doing and the impact it is having on our ILEARN results as well as our plans for diversity, equity and inclusion in our schools. 

The goals set forth in the District Strategic Plan specific to equitable achievement that are also personalized to each school in every School Improvement Plan emphasize our District wide focus on ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion for our entire system.  While this is the responsibility of all educators collectively in WTS with each administrator serving as a leader for equitable achievement, we realize that an executive leader overseeing and coordinating this work is critical to systemic change and continuous improvement. 



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