Future Facility Needs

Washington Township is currently reviewing future needs for our schools. Below is a summary of future needs that are being reviewed and assessed:


Review of Future WT Facility Needs

Construction Inflation Adjustments to Support 2016 Projects

Athletic Renovations & Improvements

(Northview Middle School, Westlane Middle School, Eastwood Middle School, and North Central High School)

Centralized Service Center Transition

(move transportation & bus storage off of secondary school properties) to improve traffic flow, safety, and increase space for student programs.

New Renovations & Improvements to Facilities/Schools (NOT included in 2016 referendum planned construction projects):

  • Expanded Space for Student Support Programs such as; Preschool, Alternative School Programs, Career Center Programs.
  • Additional Safety Improvements - Additional Cameras, Improved Lighting, Alert Systems, Classroom Door Hardware, ADA Improvements.
  • Additional Furniture Replacement.
  • Additional Life Systems Replacement - Roofs, Heat Pumps, HVAC Systems, etc.
  • Additional Site Improvements – Asphalt, Playground Equipment Replacement, Landscaping.