Referenda FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Now

Why do we need
another referenda now?

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Future Planning

How can I learn more
about the referenda?

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School Finance 101

How can I learn more about
school & state funding?

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Equity & Achievement

How will the operating referendum
support equity & achievement?

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PE & Athletics

How will the referendum
support PE & Athletics?

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Performing Arts

How will the referendum
support Performing Arts?

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Annual Budget

How does the district spend its
annual budget from the state?

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Enrollment Trends

What are the enrollment trends
over the past 15 years?

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Proposed Plans

What are the proposed plans for a
centralized service center &
Northview construction?

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Proposed Campus Changes

What are the proposed changes for
centralized services & transportation
for Central Campus (South End)?

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